Conditions of Entry

The Match Committee of The Masters Pennant (TMP) reserves the right to alter or vary these Conditions at any time.


The competition will be conducted along the lines of normal singles pennant match play without the benefit of handicap and principally played on Sundays, with any exception to be agreed to by all affected teams in that Division. Teams are required to be played in order of ability thus retaining the spirit of The Masters Pennant. See Conditions 5 & 11 and Rule 9. Nomination fee must be paid with nomination in order to be considered in the Draw.


A game is the contest between two clubs and each team shall consist of seven (7) individual matches, {value 1 point each} and a number 8 match {value ½ point}, played over 18 holes with play terminating if the match is square at the 18th hole. Players MUST cease play when a match result has been reached. The team with the highest match points is the winner of the game. Match points MUST total 7½. If the points are shared evenly then the game is halved and each team receives ½ game point.


Matches in Divisional rounds are to be played in groups of four (4) or (2) at host club discretion.

During the Finals Series, played in pairs (2) where host clubs permit. The No.8 player does not need to participate in Finals play. All matches to be played out to achieve a team result.


    a) Divisional Starting Date. Divisional Rounds play may start

         early, as determined by the Divisional Convenor in

         conjunction with the participating clubs, but no later than

         6th May 2018. This would allow for washed out matches

         to be played prior to 25th June 2018.

    b) The last date of divisional play is Sunday 24th June


    c) The date reserved for Divisional Play-offs, 1st July 2018,

         in the Pennant Finals Series, cannot, under any

         circumstances, be used to finalise incomplete games

         from Divisional Rounds.

     d) All games must be played at the venues listed in the

         current draw unless prior approval is given to a change of

         venue by the Masters Pennant Committee.

     e) If a game is played at a different venue without prior

         approval of the Masters Pennant Committee, both teams

         will be awarded zero points for the game.

      f) Any spare date scheduled in the original Draw will be

         considered part of The Draw and must be used for the

         first of any washed out/deferred game/s, unless TMP

         Match Committee consider the game result has no bearing

         on the Divisional Winner.


Order of play is 8 & 7, 6 & 5, 4 & 3, 2 & 1. The team captain / manager shall provide the host club official starter with the team nomination, in order of play, with applicable players current exact GA handicap, 15 minutes prior to hit-off time. The No. 8 player shall take the place of any player who will not be available for his tee time Team captains and managers are responsible for players playing in the correct order with the

order as played being the result.


   a) Putting order to be determined for each separate match,

       when playing in fours. Distance from the hole and

       interference with another player’s putting line should be

       considered. The match which commences putting first

       should complete putting out.

  b) After completing the hole, the match that has putted out

       MUST move immediately to the next teeing ground and

       prepare to play. Failure to comply may result in a penalty

       under Rule 4 below.


   (a) Green Fees

        No green fees are to be charged

   (b) Teeing Ground

        The teeing ground should be at the discretion of the

        host club BUT the total course length should not

        exceed 6,000m with the teeing ground not be too

        far forward. Middle tees would be preferred.

   (c) Match Official

        In order to improve the situation during the season

        we respectfully request that on the day the host club

       make available a Match Official/s to control the game,

       monitor the speed of play and where necessary take

       action to improve the pace of play and also act as a

       “Rules Official”.

   (d) Decisions

        Any decisions, given by the “Rules Official” on the

        Rules of Golf shall be final unless he wishes to refer

        to the Masters Pennant Match Committee.

   (e) Tee Times

             i) Any tee times outside the designated time

                frames, 8:00 – 11:30 (last hit-off) MUST be

                ratified by the Masters Pennant Match

               Committee. If the actual tee time is later than

               11:30 and matches do not finish due to lack of

               light the following will apply: all unfinished holes

               are awarded to the visiting player until a match

               result is achieved. E.g. If host player is dormie

               3 the remaining holes will be awarded to the

               visiting player with a resultant square match.

               Providing there are no other mitigating

               circumstances (e.g. suspension of play), a

               visiting player will be entitled to consider

               Pennant play for the next hole not possible

               when any of the following conditions exist:

          1) Clear sky  - 10 minutes after designated sunset

          2) Overcast  -  At designated sunset

          3) Heavy cloud/rain or mist  - 10 minutes before

               designated sunset

         If play of a hole has commenced before the time

         limit as above in either 1 or 2, or 3, then that hole

         must be resolved.

         The designated Rules Official, Convenor, and or

         Team Captain is to be responsible for monitoring

         the above. At any time when there is any discrepancy,

         and/or unresolved disagreement, judgement is to be

         ruled against the host club.

            ii) Any alteration to advertised starting times

                MUST be conveyed to the Divisional Convenor

                and all clubs affected by the alteration with at

                least two (2) weeks notice.

           iii) No practice or buffer time is to be provided on

                the day of the match. Host clubs are requested

                to provide practice time prior to the programmed

                date of matches.

    (f) Results

        The Host Club shall notify the Sydney AAP newspapers of

        the results of the Competition, and additionally, notify the

        Masters Pennant Committee by fax/email on the day of

        play. If a game is washed out or course closed the Masters

        Pennant Committee MUST be notified immediately.

   (g) Discontinuance of Play

             i. In the event of play being discontinued due to

                darkness or inclement weather, the players are to

                continue from the point where the play was stopped

                and play the normal course. All completed matches

                will stand.

            ii. In the event of play being discontinued or not

               possible due to course closure or a serious incident

               occurs prior to, or during a game which creates

               circumstances to cause cessation of a match/matches

               or suspension of the game, and an agreement for the

               rescheduling/completion of the game cannot be

               reached by the clubs involved, all details must be

               referred to TMP Comittee within 24 hours for

               consideration. The Masters Pennant Match Committee

               will decide whether to complete the game; this will be

               conditional upon the game having a bearing on the

               competition an a game result has not been reached.

               If  a game result has been achieved, then all

               completed matches will stand an incomplete matches

               and incomplete matches will be halved for the purpose

               of Divisional Winner Seedings if necessary.

           iii. Any unplayed, or unfinished game MUST be

               completed by the final date of divisional play

               otherwise each team will be awarded a halved

               game. The reserved date for divisional play-off

               CANNOT be used for this purpose under any



(a) Divisional winners to be determined on:-

         (1) Games won (1 point) and halved (½ point) -

              (i.e. team wins including halves), if even,

         (2) Total points scored – (i.e. individual matches,

               including ½ and # eights), if even

         (3) Total points scored – (i.e. individual matches,

              excluding # eights), if even

         (4) Total points scored – (i.e. individual matches,

              excluding ½ and # eights), if even

         (5) The highest number of Matches won when the

              tied teams played each other.

         (6) By play-off

(b) Seedings

The teams will be seeded using the following formula:-


     Games Won & Halved2  x  Matches Won & Halved

       (Scheduled Games)2          (Scheduled Games)


That is, the number of games won & halved squared divided by the number of scheduled games, squared; this is then multiplied by the number of matches won and halved divided by the number of scheduled games.

In the event of tied seedings a count back will apply using the Divisional Winners procedures 1 to 4 and then by coin toss.


(c) Incomplete Final Series Games

When a game cannot be played, or completed on the scheduled day, or within the next 6 days, the following system will apply:


All completed matches will stand.


All incomplete matches will be halved, and the Team with the highest number of match wins will be declared the winner.


If the match wins are tied, then the Team with the highest seeding after Divisional play will be declared the winner. If the seedings are equal, the winner will be decided by lot.


When a game is not played at all on the scheduled day, and cannot be programmed with both team’s approval, before the next round, the Team with the highest seeding after Divisional play, will be declared the winner.


It is important that all Teams are aware of the format beforehand, to ensure that there is no misunderstanding if it is necessary to implement same, and hopefully they can take the appropriate measures beforehand to avoid this action.


This procedure is necessary so that the progressing teams are determined prior to the next round, as the dates of play and venues cannot be changed, and The Competition must proceed without interruption to The Final.



All participating clubs must make their course available (if required), for Final series games by reserving an appropriate

30 minute tee time, at 11:00 am or earlier, on at least one of

the play-off dates of their choice at the time of nomination.

A Divisional winning team failing to do so may not be allowed to proceed in the play-off series.

This condition is necessary to ensure that the required number of suitable courses can be allocated fairly to all clubs involved in the Final Series and will be made at the Masters Pennant discretion.



    (a) Dress Rules: All players and caddies should be aware of,

         and MUST abide by, the dress regulations both on course

         and in clubhouse of the Host Club.

    (b) Provision of Shirts and Balls: The provision of shirts and

         balls to players will be at the discretion of each club.

    (c) Divisional Dinner: Each division may have its own dinner

         at the end of the season; regular caddies who are an

         integral part of the team should be invited. The cost of the

         dinner is to be charged to each club as per their nominated


The Host Club should be advised prior to the final match of the number of persons attending from each club


(d) CADDIES - Caddies are acceptable.







Upon entry into The Masters Pennant competition, player’s agree to the following exclusion of liability:

   (i) I am aware of and acknowledge that participation in this

       event, given the nature of the sport, entails risks of injury or

       death to persons (including myself) and damage to property.

       In particular (and without limitation) there is a risk of being

       hit by or hitting someone else with a golf ball.

  (ii) I agree to expressly and voluntarily accept all risks

       associated with my participation in this event including

       (without limitation) the risks to myself of death or injury

       however caused which I could sustain while participating in

       this event and I voluntarily elect to participate in this event

       on that basis and despite such risks.

  (iii) I irrevocably and unconditionally agree to release,

       discharge and hold harmless The Masters Pennant, its

       directors, employees, volunteers, agents and contractors

      (together and separately the Released Parties) from

       any and all claims, actions, proceedings, losses, damages,

       costs, expenses or liabilities (together and separately

       Claims) that I may suffer or incur as a result of injury, death

       or damage to myself or any other person or any property

       whilst participating in this event (including (without

       limitation) those Claims arising out of the negligent or wilful

       act or omission of a Released Party).

  (iv) I will not sue or make any Claims against the Released

       Parties for any Claims that I suffer or incur as a result of my

       participation in this event.

   (v) I indemnify the Released Parties from and against any and

       all Claims suffered or incurred by or brought against

       the Released Parties in connection with or arising out of

       my attendance at or participation in this event.”


CONDITION 11 – PLAYER REGISTRATION NB  COMPULSORY, if not previously registered.

Clubs are required to register players, prior to playing, (any player not register MUST be registered within 24 hours of playing) on the website with the following:


1. Player Given Name

2. Player Surname

3. Player DOB (Month / Year)

4. Player Email address (if available, otherwise club email address)

5. Player Golflink Number

6. Player Current Handicap

7. Player that Club will represent

8. Post Code where Player domiciled



The personal data contained in an entry is permanently retained by TMP. This data may be utilised by TMP or its sponsors for the distribution of correspondence, in both electronic and hard copy means. From time to time players may be sent entry forms, event literature or marketing material by the sponsor(s) of TMP events, or information about events conducted by TMP.Upon receipt by TMP of a written request, a player may either have access to their details, or have their details deleted from the database.


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