Convenors Duties


 1  Convenors should make themselves fully familiar with the Condition of Entry for 2018.


2  Get in touch with all the clubs in their division and establish contacts after obtaining club contact names from

    Masters Pennant Captain.


3  Have a “meeting” of the divisional clubs to determine which dates best suit clubs for completing the round robin qualifying

    games, Note: 13th May & 10th June are not required to be used but may be used by agreement between teams.

    LAST date  of Divisional Play 24th June. Divisional play may start early i.e. before 6th May if it is desirable to allow for

    possible washouts or otherwise. NB: The 1st July CANNOT be used as a spare day for playing washed out games. If your

    Division wishes to allow for any washed-out days, any additions to the published Draw will be considered The

    Official Draw for that Division in accordance with Condition 4f.


4  Determine hosting dates for each course avoiding clashes with local events.


5  Determine hosting tee times for each course within 8:00 - 11:30 constraints. NB: 11:30 is the LAST hit-off. Bring to the

    clubs attention Condition 7(e) of th e Conditions of Entry.


6  Issue a draw for their division. Divisions are required to play Home/Away format where possible. I will supply automatic

    draws (uses Excel). I strongly suggest a predetermined draw, allocating host dates and times be sent to clubs with the

    Convenor dealing with any perceived problems when clubs raise the. Finalise draw by 17th December 2017.


7  Advise all clubs that if there are any changes to the final draw it is the responsibility of the host club to notify:

            a. All teams within the division

            b. The divisional convenor

            c. The Masters Pennant Captain.


8  Provide The Masters Pennant Captain with a copy of the final draw.


9  Discuss refreshments with each club contact in an attempt to standardise.


10 Resolve any problems or enquiry within their divisions.


11 Remind clubs that results of each game MUST be:

            a. Telephoned to AAP 02-9322-8000 on the day of play

            b. Email to on the day of play

            c. Advise The Masters Pennant Captain of course closures - ESSENTIAL..


12 Keep up to date scores and standings of all clubs in your division, checking with team managers/captains for verification,

     and be the first point of contact for any team Manager to avoid duplication of information.


13 In an effort to publicise the Masters Pennant we would like the Convenors to forward any happenings or items of interest

     from their division.


Dennis Roy Captain The Masters Pennant

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