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Family ties take a golfing Legend North

Bruce Nairn ends his involvement with golf in New South Wales

to move closer to his family in Queensland - our loss, their gain.


Bruce was our Golf NSW Liaison Representative to the Masters Pennant. his knowledge, history and dry humour will be missed.


A farewell thank you lunch was held at Carnarvon Golf Club,

hosted by the Committee of the Masters Pennant and the one and only John Lock. During the wonderful lunch and good wine, stories and personalities were high on the discussion list and they will

remain "in-house".


A caricature painting of Bruce was presented to Bruce at the lunch and we were delighted at Bruce's reaction. Bruce said "of all the

items going north to his new home, this will have a special place

on the wall".


Bruce's contribution to golf over the decades is an example of total selflessness. Hundreds of golfers both young and old owe him big time.


Thanks Mate, we look forward to seeing you on your visits to Sydney