Rules of Play


(a) To be eligible a player must be a male amateur golfer,

     50 years of age, on or before the first day of play of his

     Clubs Divisional competition. He must be at least a

     financial 6 day member, of the club he represents, on

     or before the 1st January of the year of competition

     and current for the duration of the relevant Masters

     Pennant Competition and must be eligible to play in

     all Sunday competitions throughout the year without

     restriction or limitation.

PENALTY: If the ineligible player wins his match it is forfeited to the opposing team. If the match is lost, the players TEAM is penalised 1 match point, (in this instance the opposing team does not have the benefit of that lost point).

(b) A player can only play for one Masters Team within

     a season.

(c) A player MUST have played at least one match in

     Divisional rounds to be eligible for the Finals Series

(d) Any player who has his golf playing membership or handicap

     suspended on the date of playing by GOLF NSW, or a

     District Association affiliated Club or Association cannot

     play Masters Pennant during that suspension.

     Penalty: Loss of match where breach occurs.



A Club that has entered the competition and then fails to

provide a team.

(a) Could be disqualified from the competition, or future

     competitions,subject to the Masters Match Committee ruling.

(b) Their opponents will be awarded a 7½ - 0 result for

      that game.



If a player is not ready to start at the designated time Rules

of Golf, Rule 6-3 applies..



Note: Rules of Golf, Rule 6-7 applies to Match Play and individuals may be penalised in accordance with the Rule.

After completing the hole, the match that has putted out

MUST move immediately to the next teeing ground and

prepare to play. Any player not conforming to this Rule will

be deemed to be delaying play between holes and could be penalised accordingly. (Loss of next hole).

Any practice chipping or putting after completion of any hole during a match, is not permitted. The GOLF NSW hard card reference to “Pace of Play” will be the standard.

Penalty for breach of this Rule is Loss of next hole.

In the absence of “Pace of Play” conditions from the host club, the following is a guide for the host club to apply: if they deem it


          Par 3 - 13 minutes

          Par 4 - 15 minutes

          Par 5 - 17 minutes.

         Typically 4 hours 30 minutes for 18 holes



Motorised transport may be used in The Masters Pennant Competition as follows:

Provided they are permitted on the day of play, at the course in play, and must be used in accordance with host club conditions.

Players with medical certificate will have priority, provided they are booked in advance of the day of play.

The Masters Pennant Committee accepts no responsibility for the availability of motorised transport at venue Clubs, or as to whether or not permission is granted to use motorised transport. If the course is open for play, THE GAME MUST PROCEED.

Note: The definition “Equipment” on page 33 of the Rules of Golf, Effective January 2016, should be referred to if a cart shared by two players moves or deflects a ball in play.


The consumption of alcohol by players and caddies on the course during a stipulated round is strictly prohibited.

A player may be disqualified under Rule 33-7 for breach

of this Rule.



Notwithstanding any host club local rule if a player’s/caddie’s mobile telephone is activated (See Decision 14-3/16)

during the match and it is considered a serious breach of etiquette, then the player may be disqualified under Rule

33-7. At the discretion of TMP Match committee. (See Decision 33-7/8). Exception: Medical emergency or calling for a Rules Official.



Distance measuring devices are permitted. Irrespective of

any Local Rule which may be in place, and they must conform

to R and A Specifications.



(a) SUBJECT TO SUB_RULE (b) below the players shall play in handicap order from positions 1 to 4.

(b) For the purposes of this rule only, the playing order of players may be varied from strict handicap order but by no

more than 2.0 GA handicap.

    i) Example 1: the order of players may be in the following

       handicap order:

       1, 3, 2, 5, BUT NOT 1, 2, 5, 3, (because the gap between 2

       and 5 is greater than 2 and the player with the handicap of

       3 could play after the player with a handicap of 2). Players

       5, 6, 7 & 8 may be played in any order, but no player in the

       5,6,7,8 positions can play behind any first four players who

       has more than 2.0 GA lower handicap.

   ii) Example 2: The order of players may be in the following

       handicap order:

       0.1, 4.6, 3.9, 5.2, 3.7, 4.4, 5.8. Note: Players #2 - #6 may be

       played in any position, except #1.

(c) If, after team nomination sheets have been exchanged prior   to commencement of play, and no objection is

received or made, the result will be as played. (see Condition 5) (d) If the Masters Committee receives a report that a team has breached this rule after it has been brought to the

attention of the offending club and/or contested by the opposing club, then the Masters Committee may

impose the following penalty: for each player playing out of position the player loses his match and the team is

penalised a further match win/point.

Addendum: When any situation arises, which is not specifically covered under these Rules, The Masters’ Match Committee will make a decision in equity.



All protests must be advised in writing by email/fax to the Captain or Vice Captain – The Masters Pennant within

twenty four (24) hours of the Game for determination.



Tel: (02) 9899-3388  or 0414 578 452

Email: or


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